Oh hello there, This is the page where I tell a little about myself. I was born in Cochabamba, Bolivia and most of my childhood we did not stay in one place more than 3 years. I attended high-school in Utrecht, the Netherlands and went on and applied at the TU Delft for a bachelor Industrial Design Engineering. After a month or so I moved to Delft and got interested in rowing and Laga was the place for me to be. I joined the lightweight crew and for two years we rowed pretty well. At Laga I also joined various volunteer committees like the activities committee and the yearbook committee.

During my bachelors I really enjoyed the hands-on designing of products. The Integrated Product Design master programme was an easy choice and during my masters I also wanted to get field experience at a design agency. I solicited for an intern position at Spark design and innovation where I improved various skills e.g. CAD modelling and prototyping.

I always had an interest in film techniques and animation and currently I am work at De Oude Bibliotheek where I work on animations and productions for internal use and external offshore companies.

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