Project Name: Golden rules of safety
Company: Ampelmann
Year: 2015
Description: Safety induction

My first animation project at DOB was this safety induction animation for Ampelmann. Ampelmann makes Gangway systems to get from a moving vessel to and from platforms, wind turbines or other vessels. Their work is about safety and they want all of their personnel to breath safety. Their 8 golden rules of safety had to be introduced in a short and snappy video. A tint of humour goes a long way with a serious subject as safety.

We also did a number of safety instruction videos for personnel. These video's were to be seen before using certain tools such as drills and high pressure units. We wanted to give it a personal touch so we used the workers as actors and asked them to do the voice over as well.

I am GWO certified and therefor able to film offshore, which is absolutely an awesome experience. One of the projects was filming the Ampelmann E1000 for a trial for Eneco. The following is the edit.