Project Name: Animation 101
Company: IDE
Year: 2019
Description: A series of tutuorial videos for beginners to After Effects

Together with Moniek van Adrichem, I was asked to give a workshop on animation and After Effects for a group of master students. The goal was not only to make them familiar with the software but to also give them a sense of how they can translate a story into animation. We had a day to do that and in order for everybody to get going at the same level we created a series of 5 videos that formed an intro into After Effects. After watching the video's we could get going with more advanced animations. It was a very nice experience as the students were very enthusiastic and very eager to learn. The workshop was rated as one of the best workshops that year with a review score of 4.75/5

"Great workshop! Extremely fun!"
"One of the nicest workshops I did this year."
"The combi of tools and skills in the morning and knowlegde in the afternoon worked perfectly!"
"Very nice interactive workshop to get started on animation! Enjoyed it a lot"
"Really nice to get some hands on experience with animation. I had some prior knowledge, but how to think about it is a nice addition. Otherwise you are just learning tricks instead of understanding it."

I had a blast and we can use these videos again in future workshops.