Project Name: Product explainers
Company: BMO
Year: 2018
Description: A series of product explainer animations.

To explain what the BMO products do they asked us at DOB-Academy to make an explainer. Their product consists of a service that uses a number of sensors on the vessel to create objective performance reports. It was key to not focus on the look and feel of the product but rather the service and profile of the company. It was therefor chosen to go for an abstract animation style and use analogies to explain complex issues in a clear way.

BMO is an independent data provider, data gathering and analysis company in the offshore wind energy specialising in protecting and optimising marine assets.

The first animation about their VMMS black box was produced entirely by me. For the second video, the storyboard and script were written by me. The illustrations were done by colleagues Bas and Floris. Final animation was done by me.