Project Name: In 60 Seconds
Company: DOB-Academy
Year: 2017-2018
Description: Educational animations on wind energy

During my time at DOB-Academy I helped animating a series of videos that explained offshore energy subjects in a simple way. One of the requirements was that the script should be no longer than 60 seconds. This was to keep the video's short and easy to digest.

"With the series of 60 seconds DOB-Academy acquired a position as a knowledge institute in the offshore energy sector. It reached a wide audience ranging from laypeople to industry professionals."

We tried to find an animation style that would be recognisable as DOB-Academy, which was sometimes a challenge as different subjects required different levels of complexity. This resulted in the style changing over time. I was involved in doing research on the subjects and writing the scripts and storyboards. The design team of the illustrations varied for some videos and some video's were partly animated by me and partly by other animators.

In total 11 video's were created in this series of which "Vertical Axis Wind Turbines" is the most popular one. Below you will find a gallery with five of the most popular video's.