Project Name: Mantaray | Graduation
Company: DOT
Year: 2017
Description: An ergonomic aproach for windturbine Nacelle design

DOT is a start-up company that has its roots at the Technical University of Delft. The engineers working at DOT have the technical knowledge required to design the structural and technical components for the system that is envisioned. Besides these components the system requires a design for the head of the turbine, the nacelle. The nacelle has a number of functions:
▶ It facilitates the DOT system and protects the technical components
▶ It is the main working area of the maintenance workers
▶ And lastly it is the face of the turbine to the outside world.

"The project can be seen as a future vision of how the nacelle could look like of which elements can directly be integrated in the DOT 3MW and 7MW. It embodies a new maintenance method and a design vision that gives DOT a distinctive edge in th wind tubrine market"

This project is about satisfying the needs of the two main stakeholders. Firstly DOT, for which the nacelle is a capsule for their innovation and a way to profile them in the market. DOT recognizes that product aesthetics are important for the public response and the market positioning. It also is an opportunity to embody their sustainable vision of a reliable and competitive system even further. This project connects with DOT's goal to penetrate the offshore wind market by providing a sustainable system that lowers the cost of energy for wind turbine electricity. Secondly the needs of the, often forgotten, main user of the nacelle, the maintenance workers, are taken into account. For them a suitable working environment is essential. Not only to provide a healthy environment for them but also making maintenance more efficient, a proper design is important.

During the project It was hard to get a hold on how the market works. Which stakeholder decides for example which member are in a consortium. I decided that a proper way of getting things clear was by making a big visual. It was good to use this in the conversation with my graduation team.