Project Name: ISE | ACD
Company: Schiphol
Year: 2014
Description: Wearable security system for guards at Schiphol

This project was an initiative of Schiphol and the TU-Delft. The initial project description was to design something that would improve the working conditions of the security guards at so-called exit checkpoints of the Schiphol grounds. At these checkpoints people that enter or exit the Schiphol area, have to be checked to see if they are allowed on or off the premises.

"The job of the guard is to check the Schiphol cards of the passengers of vehicles that come through this checkpoint. A job that is important for Schiphol. Schiphol is also interested in CR, something that is reachable in multiple ways."

The design integrates all required equipment a guard needs. It combines a portable scanning device with controls for the gate at the checkpoint. The ISE (Integrated Security Equipment) Also offers communication and light controls. All the equipment is attachable to a lightweight carrier that can offer heating and cooling of the body with innovative Arctic Heat technology.