Project Name: DisQover | AED
Company: Disq
Year: 2014
Description: Smart fitness device to track and get feedback on your performance

The DISQOVER is a new product for DISQ’s portfolio. Disqover is an upgrade that can be sold as an add on for the Disq Pro. By measuring data in the very core of this fitness product, unique data can be collected compared to regular fitness trackers. Measuring and communicating the input power of the user creates a motivational workout environment where your own, your friends and your heroes data are accessible, trackable and beatable. The company had one important requirement:

"Preferably the final product should not change the main casing of the current product since the molds are already made."

The Disq pro can be easily upgraded with the Disqover. The upgrade can be done in a retail store by professionals but is simple enough to be done by the users themselves (in combination with the right tools). Making the Disqover an upgrade for the original Disq pro creates market value. Also in the sustainability aspect it will be logical to make the Disqover an upgrade as less parts go to waste.

The project was with 5 students prom the IPD master. We all had our role in the project but tasks and responsibilities were fluid. I contributed to the look and feel of the product, the coding of the software, and the mockup of the interface depicted in the following image.

We made a working prototype. The existing DisQ was taken apart and we inserted a 3D printed housing with a working load cell, led interface and smart blue tooth connection Tho following gallery shows some of the process.