Project Name: New Dutch | JMP
Company: Bakker Sliedrecht
Year: 2015
Description: A new console system for medium to large vessels

JMP is a major design course in the final stage of the master studies of the faculty industrial Design Engineering from the TUDelft. Six students from three different master directions were joint in a design team SUP. The project was carried out in partnership with Bakker Sliedrecht, who proposed the following design brief:

"All Bakker control desks are designed on customer demand. This leads to a big variety of models and no recognizable (aesthetics), brandable, sellable product. we see an opportunity in developing a modular control desk to customers."

The New Dutch embarks a new vision, a new design philosophy, a fresh face for the future of Bakker Sliedrecht. The New Dutch is a compact, stylish navigation console that features innovative technology to accommodate the user and its needs. The New Dutch is shaped with two wings that house five transparent displays and two large head up displays that extend to the ceiling of the bridge. it has a mid console which contains all the necessary controls to operate the ship. These controls are no ordinary analogical controls; these are widgets that can be placed semipermanently on a touchscreen.

Who pays for a ship? Who designs it? Who will build it and who will own it? For this project it was necessary to pinpoint where Bakker Sliedrecht fitted in, to find out what their role was and potentially could be. I created a visual that explains the process of building a ship so that would help us to ask the right questions during our client meeting.