Project Name: Turtle Rig
Company: TU Delft
Year: 2015
Description: A Timelapse rig for GoPro

For the course "Modelling and freeform prototyping" I got the opportunity to design a mechanical product that consisted out of a high resolution 3D printed freeform casing combined with alien parts, using Rhino as a modelling tool. I was free to decide what my vision and approach to this project would be. I have a high interest in camera/film technique and I wanted to design a rig for a gopro with which a timelapse would be enhanced with movement.

" To make a moving timelapsewith a GoPro it requires the GoPro to move very slowly and steadily during the recording"

The final result was a product that unfortunately barely works as the motor used did not have the right torque-rpm ratio. The embodiment of the parts actually worked out pretty well and my skills in modelling have improved during this project.